Why online networking matters to attorneys

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There have been a lot of questions and buzz this year about online networking for attorneys. Is it needed? Do attorneys use it? Will they? What is really needed?

Yet there really hasn’t been much objective data out there to help answer such questions.

Until now. Results of a recent Networks for Counsel survey by Leader Networks demonstrate that attorneys are finding it difficult to maintain and build their networks by traditional methods given time and cost barriers. Results also suggest that while lawyers are indeed starting to get connected via social network sites, the broad networks they’re joining aren’t meeting their needs.

The survey also indicates that in lieu of the current networks available today, attorneys want a lawyers-only environment that connects them with a secure and trusted network of legal colleagues so they can discuss and interact to help solve business issues. Interestingly, they want the host of that lawyers-only network to be an established and trusted brand in the legal industry.

Full disclosure: Martindale-Hubbell sponsored the survey. However, it’s important to know that Leader Networks employed blind methodology purposely to conceal this fact and avoid any bias in the results.  They also concealed their own name from survey participants. This is because only an objective survey can truly be taken seriously…and Martindale-Hubbell wants objective and honest opinion on this subject as it builds its own networking capabilities – namely the Martindale-Hubbell Connected network for launch in coming months, as well as other online networking options.

If you’d like to see the complete survey results, download them here.

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