Only 10% of LTNY Participants Have Their Own Blog

by Sami Hero on February 10, 2008 · 1 comment

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LexisNexis ran a survey of attorneys and other legal professionals at LegalTech NY yesterday around the adoption of Web 2.0 capabilities in the legal markets. Not terribly surprising – the findings show that while 74% of respondents read blogs, only 10% have their own blog…and only 17% of the respondents’ firms have a blog.

Further reporting on our survey from ALM’s Legal Blog Watch here. These results reflect well last year’s ABA Tech Survey and demonstrates a hesitation to “jump in.”

I’m just speculating, but some of this hesitation may have to do with perceived challenges in meeting and managing the technical expectations and criteria some die hard bloggers might have for a blog – track backs, blog rolls, etc. And, letting everyone know what your favorite blog is (mine is here) and where to find it might feel a little threatening, not to mention that anything and everything you put out there will be in the search engines’ cache for ever.

The good news is that six out of ten respondents belong to a professional or social network and nearly 70% are considering adding online video to their firm’s marketing mix. So, some Web 2.0 capabilities seem to be catching on. Video has proven to be a great tool to help in search engine optimization as well as providing clients and prospects a different insight into law firms and their attorneys.

On the open web front, I am very pleased with the feedback I’ve gotten from the many people who stopped at our stand to check out some of our new Web 2.0 applications.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get many chances to walk around the floor and thus my research around the trends will be limited to my colleagues’ reports and my post event blog reading.

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Barry Solomon wrote onFebruary 6, 2008 at 11:58 pm

Thanks for keeping us all updated, Sami, on what’s gong on at Legal Tech. It’s nice to attend virtually through you. As for blogging, I’m going to try to follow your lead in terms of informal, shoot from the hip posts. I can completely understand the hesitancy of many to start blogging. It’s a bit intimidating at first. And, in my experience, lawyers in particular really don’t like to look like they’re not 100% in control with complete mastery of what they’re doing. This blogging thing takes some getting used to. But I’m glad you’ve decided to “jump in”. Oh, and my favorite blog, at least during election season, is TalkLeft: –Barry


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