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UPDATE (as of March 25, 2008):  We now have all 150 of our Law Digests loaded onto  To find a Law Digest in a particular jurisdiction, just register or login and go to Search Legal Topics.  You can then enter “Law Digest” followed by the name of the jurisdiction you are looking to find such as “Law Digest: Spain”.  Finally, click on View the full text of this article to get to the PDF file.

We’ve gotten a lot of feedback from corporate counsel as well as from law firms that they would like for us to get our Law Digests onto What is really needed long term, of course, is to be able to search and organize this summary of laws in a given jurisdiction in different ways depending on the task at hand. For example, it would be nice to quickly put together a survey of laws in a set number of states. But in order to deliver something quickly, we plan to put all of our digests onto so that anyone who registers on our site can search for the digest they need.

We’ve done this with Colorado so if you register you can see what this will look like.  Just click the link that says “View the full text of this article” and you’ll get the full Law Digest for Colorado.

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thank you.


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