Introducing Groups on Martindale-Hubbell Connected

by 04g7F1nl02 on March 2, 2009 · 0 comments

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This week we launched an important new feature on Martindale-Hubbell Connected, the global online network for legal professionals. Now, members of Connected (which is still in a beta release) can create and join groups.

If you participate in LinkedIn, Facebook or other online networks, you may have already seen groups. In Martindale-Hubbell Connected, a group is an online space within the network where members can keep in touch with other legal professionals who share an interest or experience. Groups might bring together people who work at the same company or firm, or graduated from the same law school, or work in the same practice area.

The benefit of groups is quick access to people who have relevant information. A member might call on a group for perspectives from a similar industry on coping with a new regulation, or offer resources to speed up others’ work in a given area.

Groups on Martindale-Hubbell Connected offer several tools for interacting with fellow members. Blogs, forums and file libraries are all effective ways to stay connected while building knowledge. We know today’s legal professionals are busy, so we help members keep up on group conversations with options to subscribe to receive RSS or e-mail updates on group activity.

We’ve only had groups open a couple of days, but already there are groups available for e-discovery professionals, University of Maryland alumni, and lawyers interested in social networking, to name just a few. I’m looking forward to seeing what else our members come up with.

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