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Everyone’s stressed these days – trying to do more with less, coping with dramatic outside events that affect our organizations, powering up to succeed in a challenging world. In times like these, our networks – the people who make up our professional lives – become more important than ever. The people in your network can help you, whether you’re trying to boost a friend’s career, looking for information in a hurry, or seeking out some perspectives on recent events.

Martindale-Hubbell wants to help lawyers form and sustain stronger networks. Our Martindale-Hubbell Connected network, still in beta release, now includes blogs and forums, to give members a quick and easy way to access influential opinions, express their own perspectives, ask and answer questions, and build their networks.

If you haven’t joined Martindale-Hubbell Connected yet, stop by and sign up! Any lawyer can join, and it’s free to do so. If you’re already a member, log in and check out these top bloggers plus more:

Browse all the blogs here, and offer your comments! Or share your perspectives in these featured discussions:

By the way, we’re not finished with this site yet – watch for more great features in the coming months.

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