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As we prepare to move from beta testing to commercial launch of Martindale-Hubbell Connected, I wanted to take a moment to recognize and thank the literally hundreds of attorneys and legal professionals who have shared their input and suggestions with us. From the very beginning we recognized the value in sharing our plans and actively engaging with lawyers, marketing professionals, influencers and stakeholders across the legal industry to solicit your opinions and advice.

Our outreach efforts have included individual meetings with more than 200 corporate counsel as well as hundreds of others such as attorneys in private practice, bloggers, analysts, and other legal professionals. We’ve been open in sharing our plans for Connected and asking lawyers to tell us what they wanted from a professional online network.

Listening to your comments and reading your blog posts, tweets and emails has provided us with invaluable feedback we’ve used to shape and adapt the network. We continue to listen and act on feedback, so the product today and enhancements yet to come are based largely on what you’ve told us. We will continue to listen to your input and use it to improve the network and add features that help you address very specific business challenges.

Many of you know that my own particular focus has been and continues to be on shaping Martindale-Hubbell services and solutions to meet the needs of corporate counsel. My work over the past two years has included the creation of a corporate counsel advisory panel that meets in person in all-day sessions where we share ideas and input, talk about the Martindale-Hubbell Connected road map, and discuss broader challenges facing the profession. Now that we have Connected, we can extend the utility of the advisory panel by making these meetings virtual.

We’ve created a Group within Connected called the Corporate Counsel Advisory Board. Any corporate counsel interested in learning more about our product planning efforts and working collaboratively with us to enhance those efforts, are encouraged to join this group. Feel free to contact me directly too at if you’d like to learn more about this group, Martindale-Hubbell Connected, or about any of our efforts to meet the needs of corporate counsel.

Thanks again to all of you who have shared your input with us and keep those ideas and suggestions coming!

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