CES Day 4: it’s all about reciprocity, personalization and social media ‘how to’s’

by 04g7F1nl02 on January 14, 2009 · 0 comments

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Day four. Yesterday’s excitiment is still bubbling with people hurring to see this and that, talk to him and get a glimps of that. Though having a mere 3 hours of sleep (during which I actually had a dream in which i was tweeting… not sure if it was in 3D HD though. are dreams digital or analog still? are they converging with other media in Feb 2009? nevermind, obviously too much technology for me) I got up early to make it to the 8am opening of Kids@Play partner program to hear about this year’s theme. i will give you one guess… correct! social media for kids. Continuing the day participating I was coming in and out of Social Media panels focusing on marketing and personalization, and checkingthe different booths and halls of the expo, displaying latest technology in consumer electronics.

The following themes appeared to be clouding and overlapping this year’s/today’s expos and session:

  • Reciprocity – a good community is based on solid principles of reciprocity, the more you give the more you get. might be a cliche but seems to work!
  • Widget as platform – still being investigated, debated, defended and heralded for
  • Social Media for all roles in the family – toys and education companies build strong virtual communities around their products that serve both parents, kids and rest of family.

And one product won the hearts of CES crowd at the iStage: Boxee – media center layered on a social grid: access Hulu, Netflix, PhotoBlog and more; get recommendations and recommend, see what your friends saw and liked/hated. The product is 4 months old and already won our hearts.

I will be elaborating on the above later on – right now rushing to see the NBC Universal stage (again…), and look for Yahoo, Google and AOL stands.

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