CES Day 2: SMJ Future of Social Media – Jello and Shish Kebab!

by 04g7F1nl02 on January 12, 2009 · 0 comments

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Ok we all know Social Media is key. We all know Facebook is HOT (10m users added in past 3 weeks, so network now has a total of 150 million users). Where are we heading with this?

To start with, Jeremiah Owyang from Forrester teleconferenced about ‘future of media in social era’ with a couple of interesting culinary comparisons: ‘Future of media is like jello’ and think about content like ‘shish-kebabs’:

  • jello – media is amorphous, online content has many different shapes
  • Shish kebab – it’s no long a steak but is consumed bite sized.

So make sure the content you create is formed to be delivered in different shapes!


Other aspects of the future of Social Media were discussed by Howard Greenstein and Dean Landsman who talked about conquering the 3 screen world: TV, Computer, handheld device.

The relationship with each device is different: TV doesn’t always work for computer content/activity; Computer doesn’t always work for TV activity. Still line between them is getting blurry with no clear differentiator.

Where Social Media is heading? Who knows. What we know is that once we have acquired new behavior online, we will not regress back to an old one. Social Media has become a natural way for users to interact online, from doing the basic activities as readying an article, to more complex twitter/friendfeed activities. What we need to do is LISTEN. Listen to the user, the trends and the industry.

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