7 Ways to Generate More Leads with Your Law Firm Website:

by Lydia Pickens on October 9, 2013 · 0 comments

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Law firms’ websites are different and more difficult to create and manage than most other business’ sites. There are several ways to ensure your firm will generate new leads from your law firm website:

Keep the look professional

Your online appearance should reflect the firm it will represent, as well as the type of clients you’re seeking to bring in for business. You want your site to speak to the clients you want, and the aesthetic should be a strong representation of that.

Display your capabilities

Brag a little. Let your clients and future clients see why you’re great. Show off your accomplishments, awards, recognitions, and successes. If you’ve received ratings and good reviews, display them on your site.

Showcase vivid and relevant images

Images that are high quality and eye catching can really sell your business, and your site. Choose images that reflect your firm and communicate the personality and professionalism to represent your company. Avoid using anything that could be deemed controversial in any way.

Be easy to get ahold of

When clients want to get ahold of you, they want to do it hassle-free. Contact information should be readily available from anywhere on your site- without being intrusive.

Make your site easy to use

Your site should be professional and well-constructed; however the design needs to be simple enough that anyone can navigate its pages without difficulty.  Organization and format are very important aspects of a successful site.  You’ll want to double check that links are not broken and go to the right places.  A single bad user experience can generate a reputation you want to avoid.

Keep up with growing trends

Sure, you may despise social media and blogging. However, it’s important to keep up with what’s going to help market your firm, not personal preference. Have social media icons on your site that link to quality, well-managed pages. Keep up with your blogging, and use video to give clients a feel of the personality your firm has to offer.  These are the things that will help set you apart.

Stay within Bar guidelines

It’s good to keep your page current and refreshed, however you don’t want to do so without consulting with your State Bar first. Market your firm ethically by making sure you’re always within the guidelines, even when creating more conversions.

Keep in mind that creating a successful website that generates leads in the legal world is complicated and intricate.  The goal of it is to not only portray the goals of your firm, but to address your client base based on their needs as well.

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