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August 2011

TweetHere’s what you may have missed on Connected … Lawyer Jokes Got Nothing on Law FAILS So we decided to do a comedy theme in the community. So far we’ve had some great posts and podcasts, with more on the way. Here are a few of the items you can grab now before they’re […]


TweetThe lawyer comedy event of the summer, LawFAILS, is officially underway. Today we look at an institution in the legal field, something that has solidified its place in the hearts of clients far and wide: the lawyer commercial (and other videos). Anyone who has watched daytime TV or late night TV knows these lawyer ads. They […]


TweetThe comedic event of this months docket is almost upon us as LawFAILS starts this Thursday. We kick off things with a special Connected Lawcast interview of Michael Naso who is gaining Internet notoriety as the lawyer who decided to make a rap commercial featuring himself to advertise his firm. Check it out: We […]


TweetIn the spirit of our upcoming month of humor (starting next week) we are trying something a little different on the round up today. Each item is written with a more comedic approach than usual, sticking to our formula that we use for the Connected Lawcast (Larry King Live for Lawyers meets The Daily […]