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July 2011

TweetHere’s what you missed recently on Connected:   Discussion Questions Needing Answers: Do YOU Have One? A lot of questions have been raised in the past few weeks in the community on a variety of topics. Do you have an answer? Will the Korea-EU free trade agreement have an adverse affect on the legal […]


TweetLawyers use social media. A few years ago, we couldn’t really say that. The profession lagged behind businesses when it came to adopting this new technology and worried about the risks inherent in its use. While the risks have not disappeared, they have become more defined, and with that awareness, law firms are moving into […]


TweetHere’s what you missed this week on Connected: Free Ebook on Legal Marketing What is the best way to market a law firm? – Find out in our FREE Connected eBook! In reading this eBook you will walk away with the following: 1. How to create an image for your law firm that […]


TweetHere’s what you missed on Connected: Tips for Successful Law Firm Marketing Online: a Free eBook What is the best way to market a law firm? Everyone and anyone involved in law firm marketing asks this question at some point, from lawyers, to the marketers they hire and even the members of the Connectedcommunity. […]

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TweetLast week’s post by Bob Denney on Attorney at Work gave some great insight on what’s hot and what’s not in practice areas right now. In looking at it, I couldn’t help think of all the great free resources in Connected, that touch on each of these topics. Here is an enhanced version of the […]

{ 2 comments }, the consumer-facing companion site to, already attracts more than 20 million visitors a year seeking legal help. Television provides a great way for us to continue to grow awareness and bring even more consumers to the site. And more traffic to the site means more new business leads for you, our customers – […]