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April 2008

TweetThanks all of you out there for your feedback on our blog over the past few weeks. Despite its shortcomings, we would never have been able to engage with you and get all of your great (and free) advice and suggestions on our blog functionality. As you have probably noticed by now, we’ve recently released a […]


TweetOne of the first programs I ever used on a computer was CalcStar, a companion program to that predecessor to WordPerfect called WordStar.  I used CalcStar to manage my checkbook. I remember migrating my data from CalcStar into what is now called Quicken. After I made that change, my wife finally started to use our computer to manage […]


TweetLarry Bodine’s article in the recent Law Technology News, Crowded but Silent, underscores a fundamental fact in the world of online social media: What draws teenagers, bloggers, marketers, recruiters, evangelists, self-proclaimed evangelists and sales people (ahem, excuse me – business development professionals) to social networking – does not draw lawyers. And more sobering, of the […]


TweetIt’s been about three months since we launched the Martindale-Hubbell blog. And, it has seen its fair share of criticism and feedback. However, don’t blame Sami or Barry or anyone else here are Martindale-Hubbell for that. Rather, as the director of product management for, I made the call to get something out there quickly […]


Tweet Recently, Google has been testing a new enhancement to its web search service where it places a search box within the search results. I’m not sure if there is even an official name for it yet, but basically it places a search box below the top result and allows the Google user to search that […]

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TweetThe Metropolitan Corporate Counsel Magazine interviewed my boss, Ralph Calistri, about the transformation of Martindale-Hubbell. It’s nice that we’re starting to see some positive things written about the dramatic changes we’ve been making. I had a wonderful conversation recently with an extremely nice and smart blogger who is just as extreme in his criticism of […]


TweetIn an article called Hiring Lawyers by the Numbers Ursula Furi-Perry writes about the trend in corporate America for hiring decisions by outside counsel to be scrutinized by procurement officers. While these new policies are making lawyers both in-house and in private practice squirm and shudder, the real question is how to preserve the trusted […]

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